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Standard Flushmounted Keyed Lock (LOCK 1991)

Flushmounted Keyed Lock (LOCK 1992)

3-Point NEMA Style Lock (HANDLE, BMP 01)

3-Point Keyed Combo Lock (HANDLE, 1155-U)

Cabinet Accessories

Product Features:

Standard Flush-mounted keyed lock

• Flush-mounted keyed lock comes standard on all cabinets


Flushmounted keyed lock - choice of tumbler 

• Flush-mounted keyed lock have choice of 20 different key tumblers

3 point NEMA style lock

• 3 pt. Locks for NEMA environment applications available with or without hasp

Push-Button lock

• Flush-mounted push-button lock

Sound Dampening

Product Features:

Acoustic Insulation 
To reduce the transmitted noise levels of the server space, CableTalk can permanently adhere acoustic insulation to the inside of full size cabinets.
• 1" thick acoustic insulation is manufactured from inorganic glass fiber bonded with a thermosetting binder and has a black mat bonded to the surface which faces the airstream.
• Insulation is permanently glued to the inside of the doors and side panels.

For Caged-Nut Racks

For Tapped Hole Racks

Filler Panels

Product Features:

For Caged-Nut Racks
• Cage-nut racks-tool-less snap in fasteners make installation so simple
• All panels fit 19” rack. Comes in standard sizes ranging from 1-8 U-space
• Other sizes available. Consult sales team.

For Tapped Hole Racks
• Tapped hole racks-fasteners are provided for installation
• All panels fit 19” rack. Comes in standard sizes ranging from 1-8 U-space
• Other sizes available. Consult sales team.


Caster / Leveling Feet

Product Features:


  • 3” Swivel and 3” Fixed casters available in sets of 4, kit includes caster mounting plate

  • 600 lb capacity


Leveling Feet

  • ½-13 thread

  • 3” Length

  • Custom off-set leveling wrench available

Ganging Kit


Extension Chimney 


Equipment Support Bracket


Velcro (Multiple rolls shown)


LED Light


Bonding Straps 


Cover Plate


Anchor Plates (set of 4)


Finger Gasket 


U-Space Labels 


Other Accessories:

Product Features:

Ganging Kit

Used to gang multiple cabinets together. Kit includes bolt, nut, 2 washers and ground lug

Bonding Straps

12" bond strap


Extension Chimney

Available in 24” length, CMS-EXT-24-B, and 36” length, CMS-EXT-36-B


Cover Plate

Used to seal fan and cable access holes on the top of the cabinet


Equipment Support Bracket

Provides added support to heavy equipment installed in cabinets

Specs include:

  • 4 position mounting

  • 1.25” lip

  • Adjusts from 21” to 36” along depth of cabinet

  • Sold in sets of 2


Anchor Plates (set of 4)

Used to seal fan and cable access holes on the top of the cabinet



8" tie wraps (comes in pack of 100 pieces)


Finger Gasket

Finger gasket for increased protection from dust at cable ending locations

LED Light

LED light with touch feature

U-Space Labels

Mounting Angle Labels, 1-22 & 23-44 x 75


Screws and Nuts

Screws and Caged nuts available;

  • Nut, Caged 10-32 K, bag of 100

  • Nut, Caged 12-24 K, bag of 100

  • Screw, 10-32 K, bag of 100

  • Screw, 12-24 K, bag of 100


Specialized Services:

- Tempest Rated -- High Security

- Pre-configured Cabinets

- Collocation Cabinets

- Seismic

- Ganged Racking Solutions

- Cable Management Systems

- Overhead Cable Management

- Modular Furniture for server rooms

- Indoor/Outdoor Applications -- NEMA

- Power Distribution/Power Protection Units

- Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

- Mission Critical Climate Control (A/C)

- Traffic Enclosures

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