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Heat Management System (HMS)

The CableTalk HMS is an innovative, scalable and low cost solution for the control and containment of hot exhaust air.


The HMS contains and directs the hot exhaust from your IT equipment to the top rear of the cabinet where it is ducted to your precision air conditioners through ceiling plenums or high air returns. This effective solution prevents efficiency robbing problems like bypass airflow or the dilution of the exhaust air to improve cooling efficiency.

  • Maintains zero static pressure balancing the internal environment to optimise airflow without increasing stress on internal server fans.

  • The HMS chimney can be retrofit to our standard frame simply by removing the existing panels and by adding the chimney. No cutting or drilling is required.

  • The fan modules are hot swappable to avoid costly down time.

  • The HMS design allows for overhead cable management in the trough system at the front of the cabinet.

  • Available in active and passive systems

Note: All of our systems are fully customizable. If desired options are not listed, speak with your CableTalk distribution partner.

Specialized Services:

- Tempest Rated -- High Security

- Pre-configured Cabinets

- Collocation Cabinets

- Seismic

- Ganged Racking Solutions

- Cable Management Systems

- Overhead Cable Management

- Modular Furniture for server rooms

- Indoor/Outdoor Applications -- NEMA

- Power Distribution/Power Protection Units

- Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

- Mission Critical Climate Control (A/C)

- Traffic Enclosures

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