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Channel style with door ajar

Fingered style

Ladder backbone style

Flat backbone style


Cabinet Vertical Cable Management

Product Features:


  • Black smooth paint finish


  • Fabricated of 16 GA (0.060”) steel

  • Channel style supports heavy cable load, while maintaining clean concealed appearance

  • Backbone style provides cable management with a very shallow profile for maximum cabinet space

  • Fingered style consists of 3U plastic finger modules mounted to a steel support channel

High Density Vertical Cable Manager

  • Item # CTC3-CMS-13-B

  • Ideal for use with high density cable installations

  • Large Size Channel Style Cable Manager, 9” deep

  • Large cable access holes

  • For use in 30” wide cabinet only

  • Use with CTC3-MA-14-FL-B or CTC3-MA-14C-FL-B mounting angles

  • Fibre Loops available for strain relief, CTC3-CMS-13-SR-B, pack of 10. Recommended for both copper or fibre installations



  • Gromet for access holes

  • Fiber loops to maintain bend radius

  • Velcro tie wraps

  • Cable management loops

Standard Dimensions:





Channel Cable Management System





Backbone Cable Management System

Specialized Services:

- Tempest Rated -- High Security

- Pre-configured Cabinets

- Collocation Cabinets

- Seismic

- Ganged Racking Solutions

- Cable Management Systems

- Overhead Cable Management

- Modular Furniture for server rooms

- Indoor/Outdoor Applications -- NEMA

- Power Distribution/Power Protection Units

- Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

- Mission Critical Climate Control (A/C)

- Traffic Enclosures

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